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How to add context to one of your webpages with Citet.net

  1. Mark up your page by adding a blockquote or q tag with a "cite" tag:
    • <blockquote cite='http://avalon.law.yale.edu/19th_century/jeffauto.asp'>sample quote<blockquote>
  2. Add the CiteIt.net javascript to your page template (see example code)
  3. Submit the URL of your page to be indexed (above). This will create one JSON file for each quote on the page. (sample JSON file)
  4. Reload your page to pull in the newly created JSON file/s.

What this does

  1. This will retreive the 500 characters of context before and after your quotation and store it in a JSON snippet.
  2. When you reload your page, the javascript will pull in the context from the newly-created JSON snippet.
  3. This index.php script makes a POST request to the api.citeit.net web service and saves a copy of the JSON to a local folder: CiteIt.net_json
    • (you need to set write permissions for this folder)

API Examples